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Jonathan Moffett Gift Set!

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We are selling a very limited number of this gift set that consists of Jonathan Moffett's "Christmas Again" CD (signed), a signed 8x10 photo, as well as a "Thank You" holiday card hand written and personalized from Jonathan Moffett to you! Each gift set will come in a gift bag. 

NEW: All gift sets will now include a free signed "Immortal" World Tour Pass! 


"Jonathan’s album [Christmas Again] contains fifteen beautifully put together Christmas tracks, nine of which are his original songs, with an additional five of them in ‘Instrumental Chorus Versions,’ showcasing Jonathan’s talents. From the enchanting melodies on the instrumentals like ‘Happy Holiday’ to the joyous and playful lyrics of ‘Christmas Is My Time Of Year’ and ‘Christmas Is Coming,’ his unique rendition of the classic ‘Little Drummer Boy’ and the catchy swing like tune of ‘No One Should Be Alone For Christmas,’ which was the first song he wrote back in 1988, to the song that says it all and the title track of the album ‘Christmas Again,’ it is sure to impress and put a smile on everyone’s face. Even catering to the Country & Western fans with ‘Kids Dream Of Christmas Day,’ the album has a versatile mix of genres of music and styles with songs that both children and grown ups alike can relate to and in Jonathan’s own words; ‘It has something for everyone!’


CHRISTMAS AGAIN is a heart warming album that brings out the Christmas spirit and is sure to delight everyone that loves Christmas. A Christmas Gift, dedicated to Michael, straight form Jonathan’s heart!" -MJWorld


1. Christmas Is Coming

2. The Signs Of Christmas

3. Messiah

4. Merry Christmas To Your Neighbor

5. Christmas Is My Time Of Year

6. Happy Holiday

7. No One Should Be Alone At Christmas

8. Kids Dream Of Christmas Day

9. Little Drummer Boy

10. Christmas Again

11. Merry Christmas To Your Neighbor (Instrumental)

12. Happy Holiday (Instrumental)

13. Christmas Is My Time Of Year (Instrumental)

14. Christmas Is Coming (Instrumental)

15. Christmas Again (Instrumental)

(Note: CD cover comes in two colors: red and blue. You will randomly receive one color or the other based on inventory).

***CD's will be unwrapped so Jonathan can sign each one***


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